The Bihar State Housing Board (BSHB), a nodal agency to provide shelter for its subject across social group. It is statutory body as per enscribed in BSHB Act 1982.

The BSHB consists of the following members, namely :

  • A Chairman appointed by the State Government
  • A Managing Director appointed by the State Government
  • A Secretary appointed by the State Government, who shall be the Member Secretary of the Board
  • Secretary to Government of Bihar, housing Department or the representative-ex-officials.
  • Finance Commissioner or a representative nominated by him who will not be an officer below the rank of Special
  • Special Secretary to Government of Bihar, Planning Department-ex-officio
  • Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department ex-officio
  • Chief Engineer, Housing Board ex-officio
  • Four non official member, having knowledge of Housing Problems in the State and Special qualification in this respect, appointed.
The Act provides under section 28 that the Board shall undertake the following types of housing and improvement scheme :

  • The integrated Subsidised Housing Scheme for industrial worker and the economically sections weaker of the community
  • The Low Income Group Housing Scheme
  • The Middle Income Group Housing Scheme
  • The Rental Housing Scheme
  • The Land Acquisition and Development Scheme
  • The Slum Clearance and Improvement Scheme
  • The Rural Housing
  • A general town improvement and such other schemes as may be entrusted to it by the State or Central Government.
Further under section 29 of the Act, the aforesaid housing or improvement scheme may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely :

  • The acquisition by purchase ,exchange ,of otherwise of any property necessary for the affected by the execution of the scheme
  • The laying or re-laying out of any land comprised in the scheme
  • The distribution or re-distribution of sites belonging to owners of the property comprised in the scheme
  • The closure of demolition of dwellings or portions of dwelling unfit for human habitation
  • The demolition of obstructive buildings or potion of buildings
  • The construction and re-construction of building
  • The sale ,lase or exchange of any property comprised in the scheme
  • The construction and alteration of roads ,streets, back lane ,bridges, culverts, and causeways
  • The draining ,water-supply and lighting of the streets included in the scheme
  • The provision of open parks, playing fields and open spaces for the benefit of any area comprised in the scheme or any adjoining area and the enlargement of existing parks, playing fields open spaces and approaches
  • The provision of sanitary area arrangements required of the area comprised in the scheme ,including the conservation of and prevention of injury or contamination to rivers or other sources and means of water-supply
  • The provision of accommodation for any class of inhabitants
  • The advance of money for the purposes of scheme
  • The provision of facilities for communication and transport
  • The collection of such information and statistics as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act
  • The reclamation or reservation of land for markets ,gardens, playing ,fields and afforestations
  • The provision of schools, parks, swimming pools ,restaurants, shops, markets, fuel depots, laundries, hair dressing saloons and other amenities in the scheme
  • Any other matter for which in the opinion of the government is expedient to make provision with a view to provide house accommodation and to the improvement of any area comprised in the scheme, or of any adjoining area or the general efficiency of the scheme.